Secretary's Message


Mr.Sharad Kumar Khedia


Dear Parents, Teachers, Students and my Colleagues,

It's a privilege for me to give a message in the Annual School Bulletin of Central Public School. The Term BSS stands for "BEST SCHOOL FOR SUDENTS" today. In a tenure of one and a half year, with a very good team work our School Managing Committee, a drastic charage can be felt in our society as well as in our school family regarding BSS CPS and BSS MPS. Our School Team is trying to take the positive path towards academics, sports, co-curricular activities, competition etc. A positive vibration can be felt in the surroundings of our school campus.

We have tried very hard and renovated the Barakar Road Model Play School block in a very short period of time and most of the parents as well as the person of our society has

appreciated it. We are trying our very best to develop the sectors which are still lying untouched for the better future of our BSS students. I know that it may take some time but still i believe that we shall surely succeed in our aim of betterment with our good team efforts.

I am very fortunate to have sir Anup Sarawgi, the president of BSS CPS SMC as well as BSS MPS SMC as our team leader and under his able and dynamic guidance,the functioning our school Management Committee is ruinning very smoothly. He is always there to guide us. We have got a very good team of teachers who are all working hard to get the name of BSS at the top in front of the society. I would like to request them to continue with their best efforts continuously & I am sure that we can achieve our goals.

It's very nice to see that during the competition, cultural programs like Independence Day, Republc Day, Sports day, Annual function etc. that our own school students are performing so nicely. It's lovely to see the talent of our school students. We just have to support & groom them & we will surely have the best result in future.

It's very encouraging for me and the President of BSS SMC, because of the support we get from the President, Secretary & all the members of our BSS parent Bctly. We hope that all of us shall work together as a very good team towards development of our school. Now not making my message more lengthy, I would like to request our society and people of Purulia and adjoining areas that you all can trust on us and admit your child in your good school. We shall always try to support at our best in developing the career of a Child in all around aspects of students life. I seek your humble co-operation in deciding the best for your Child! Jai Hind!