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Code of Conduct

  • Students should be disciplined in and out of the school premises.
  • Students should be truthful and endeavour to follow it in true letter & spirit.
  • It would be mandatory for every student to communicate in English only since it is the medium of instruction.
  • Students should be regular and punctual in their attendance on school days.
  • Students should be polite & courteous in and outside this school campus.
  • Students should respect the school rules and regulations of their teachers, the liberty and rights of others.
  • Students are expected to nurture and pursue all good habits shedding off undesirable ones to create a healthy and safe surroundings.
  • Students should be diligent and never procrastinate the duties and obligations assigned to them.
  • Students should be proud of their uniform & maintain it with due regard.
  • Cleanliness in all respects should be given utmost priorities for healthy & hygienic environment in and around the school.