House System

There are three houses in the school, Bose, Tagore and Nehru. Every student becomes a part of one of the houses after admission to the school.

Each house is taken care by one student designated as house captain. He/ She is assisted in his duties by a vice-captain and co-ordinators of the house. Each house is groomed by a group of teachers designated as House Masters and House Mistresses.

Points are awarded to the students throughout the year on the basis of their performance in Cultural, Sports, Literary & other Co-curricular activities.

Inter-house activities are organised every month, the Best House is awarded at he end of the session. The participating students are awarded certificates/Prizes for their efforts in these activities.

Name of the House Quality Colour
Bose. Bravery. Saffron.
Tagore. Creativity. Green.
Nehru. Leadership. Blue.