President's Desk


Mr.Vinod Kumar Rathi


Dear Parents and Members of the Society,

After taking charge as President of SMC in April 2017, this is my second communication with you. In the last one and half years, we implemented many far reaching positive changes in the School viz. dedicated transport service, change of uniform, fees deposit direct in bank, holding of classes - Ito X at one place, recruitment of qualified & experienced faculty, direct interaction with the parents etc., besides we again had the school Annual Sports, gala Annual Day celebration and various other co-scholastic activities.

Keeping our commitment we started B.S.S. Model Play School from April, 2018 for our tiny tots in the heart of the town at Barakar Road with all modern amenities and facilities, which already became Talk of the Town.

We have brought into our system a very energetic, dynamic and experienced person Mr. Subhodip Dey as the Principal of the School who was adjudged as one of the 100 highly effective principals of the country.

In a short span of six months, the School campus is feeling the vibration and getting the echo of positivity under his visionary leadership. It was under his leadership that the school was granted the extension of affiliation by CBSE.

The purpose of education is to liberate the young minds and empower pupils through value based and contemporary education. We at BSS Schools are imparting education as the means of developing one's greatest abilities. Education is the foundation of life. Life without education is like a moonless sky.

School is a place where we learn edification. School gives us an opportunity to intermingle with each other. It is the beauty of school where we learn that alone one can say but together we can talk; alone one can smile but together we can laugh; alone one can enjoy but together we can celebrate.

I would like to tell all my beloved students that success is not permanent; failure is not final; do not stop your efforts; never give up; keep on trying; keep your chin up; trust in the God - It will be alright at the end.

Now I would like to thank the teaching and non-teaching fraternity of the School for their dedication and enhanced efforts. They are well qualified and experienced but they need to raise the Bar and get themselves motivated to keep pace with the changing need of the education and the School as well. They must feel themselves as the integral part of the School family and betterment of the School only will translate into their development in all respect.

Last but not the least I express my sincere thanks to all my colleagues in the SMC and Parent body members for their continued support and guidance.