Mission & Vision

The Mission. the school is to provide 'quality education to the society at an Affordable Cost'. The school is equally committed to provide best facilities to the under-represented and less-privileged segment, of the population.

Economists and Educationists all over the world insist that education's the single most important factor for development of any nation and second most important factor fora, individual's well being after health. With the same belief, R.S.S.Central Public Sch..' provides a strong foundation of quality education to the leaders of tomorrow. The school inculcates in its students a desire la learn and a habit to excel at every level. B.S.S.CPS believes that the society can grow and prosper only if its people are educated with not only the modern day curriculum but also well ingrained with the traditional values of our nation. The school is committed for all round personality development of the student.


B.S.S.Central Public School bestows quality education to its students in a competitive atmosphere, created by modem facilities and guidance provided by qualified and dedicated faculty, with the philosophy of 'VIDYA-SANSKAR'. VIDYA means 'conception of knowledge and learning'. SANSKAR means 'upbringing with cultural Heritage'. Hence the philosophy of the school can be summed up as 'Conception of knowledge and learning with the traditional values'.


The School has set the following goals for its day to day functioning:-

To set - up and create an Institution of excellence in Education. with high intellectual & academic standard.
To inculcate traditional values in the students and nurture the culture of respect for the views of one and all.
To promote confidence, leadership qualities and critical thinking skills in the students, through comprehensive and
holistic education and co-curricular activities.
To make the facilities reach to all the levels of society at an affordable cost.


Million Learners


Million Graduates