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General Guidelines for Parents/ Guardians

The School believes in discipline, obedience and promptness, Disregard of school rules, deteriorating performances and long absenteeism will lead to disciplinary action amounting even to the issuance of a transfer certificate.

  •    Parents /Guardians are allowed to meet the respective coordinator/ class teacher in the reception area/ Office of Principal in the stipulated time only with visitor’s slip. No parents will be entertained without visitor’s slip for safety reason.
  •    The school is to be informed if there is any change in the address or telephone number of the parents/ Guardian.
  •    Once the child gets into the school, the child will not be allowed to go out except for extreme exigency.
  •    No change in the details entered in the admission register of the school as supplied by the parents at the time of admission will be entertained under any circumstances.
  •    Children when sick, Specially suffering from infectious diseases, should not be sent to school.
  •    Attendance of parents /guardians is mandatory on Parent Teachers’ Meet.
  •    Parents/ Guardians would have to pay a fine of Rs. 50/- for issue of duplicate report card/ identity card in case of loss of the original report card/ identity card.
  •    Name, admission number, class/ section & house of the students should be clearly marked on his/ her belongings such as bag, blazer etc.
  •    Care must be taken of school property and any damage caused by the students will have to be compensated by the concerned student/ Parent.
  •    Children are not allowed to bring any costly articles to school. In case of loss of any such articles, the school authorities will not be responsible in any manner.
  •    Mobile Phone, electronic gadgets and any other harmful/ objectionable items are strictly prohibited in school campus. Mobile would be confiscated if caught in the school campus and would not be returned.
  •    Parents /guardians will appreciate the fact that leave is not granted in the best interest of the students. In case leave is unavoidable, they must meet the co-ordinators/ Principal respectively and get it sanctioned.
  •    Parents /guardians are requested to cooperate with the school in its attempt to help in the progress of their wards by paying attention to regularity, punctuality, discipline and by taking interest in the assignment given.
  •    Parents/ Guardians should check the diary everyday and make note of the instructions given therein. In case of children upto standard V, the parents/ guardians are advised to check the bag of their wards to see if any notice/ invitation/ assignment has been given.
  •    If there is any legitimate complaint, do meet the Principal at once or write in a separate letter and address to him/ her. The Principal will look into the matter personally.
  •    Parents/guardians must ensure that the mobile no is mentioned in the due place for SMS alert/WhatsApp messages and update in case of any change

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